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Search Criteria Restrictions

Please make sure the type of search you are requesting matches the criteria you have specified.

  • When no Term, Region or Career Field selection is made, the default is Any Region/Any Term/Any Career Field.
  • When searching for jobs by Title, Description, or Wage:
    • Single Word Search is Recommended (i.e., banking, music, law, engineering, etc.).
    • Search includes any spaces you enter.
    • Search ignores capitalization.
    • Do not use the * or % wildcard characters as they are automatically used.
  • When searching for Jobs by Posting #, enter the full Job Posting ID number. Term, Region, and Career Field are ignored for this search request.
  • If no opportunities exist for your selected Term, Region, and/or Career Field, check again in a couple of days. Postings are updated daily.

Please review external (non-Cornell) postings very carefully and verify employer expectations, job responsibilities, compensation method and employment dates prior to accepting.

Beware of phishing attempts (where you are requested to provide personal and confidential information – examples including but not limited to: social security number, date of birth, bank account information, passwords), and/or requests for exchange of monies to occur in order for you to partake in the job. If you are uncertain about the validity of any job, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. Cornell does not contract with outside vendors to send students information about individual job postings. Be wary of what looks like outside vendors reaching out to you directly about a job opportunity.

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